It was a big shock over the weekend when pictures of a catastrophic road collapse began to appear across the internet.

A new video shows the moment the road collapsed.

Wyoming Highway 22 over Teton Pass collapsed overnight Friday and washed away between Jackson, Wyoming, and Victor, Idaho.

The road was clear of traffic as workers were dealing with a mudslide, so nobody was on the highway at the time.

WYDOT knew the collapse was coming, that's why we have this video:

The video shows the moment the road collapsed.

It's enough to make you gasp and play it again.

Below is what the road looked like before the collapse.

You can see big cracks developing.

WYDOT closed the road and waited for what they knew was inevitable.

attachment-Wydot teton road

Now Google Maps is offering an alternative route, which you can see below.

It says the drive will take 1 hour and 33 minutes. But with increased traffic, that number is sure to change.

The problem was first noticed last Thursday after a crack that stretched across both highways was spotted.

Governor Gordon declared an emergency opening the door for federal funds to come help.

Despite the hype you are hearing from some news channels, the town of Jackson will be fine. There are plenty of routes in and out of Jackson Hole.

attachment-New Teton Rout

Repairs could take weeks, if not far longer.

The road was built on a ridge that was in the perfect place to drive around a corner of a mountain. It was mostly dirt and gravel on both sides.

Over time, between heavy traffic and lots of rain and snow, the ridge became weak.

Roads around that area are monitored constantly.

Mudslides and avalanches are common in mountain ranges like this.

That's how young mountains like the Tetons end up looking like the lower, rounder mountains of the Appalachian mountain chain.

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