A few Gillette, Wyoming residents have received white supremacist propaganda in the mail recently.

Back in April 2023, anti-Semitic flyers were by homes in a Gillette neighborhood.

One resident received a CD that contained white supremacy, Aryan Brotherhood, and Nazi propaganda.

Gillette police say that several residents in the area received the same envelope and CD.

There are not any suspects at this time.

Another resident of the 600 block of West Fourth Street reported finding an envelope in his mail with no return address. The CD in the envelope contained the same material.

US Mail Mailbox
Ralf Geithe

Perhaps other residents received the same type of package but just threw it away without reporting anything to authorities.

On Sunday, April 23, someone on the 600 block of Fairway Drive round a flyer in a plastic bag containing rice.

Other such material was found in the Westover neighborhood.

The mail and flyer incidents remain under investigation.

City Councilwoman Trish Simonson told the News Record Wednesday that

“there were a lot” of flyers seen laying on driveways outside of homes in her Westover neighborhood at the time of the April 23 report. Those flyers were packaged in plastic baggies and weighed down with rice."

There has not been an actual crime committed here.

But residents of Gillette do not like what they are seeing.

Based on how these events usually unfold there are several possibilities.

Someone is bored and perpetuating a hoax.

It is a different kind of hoax, someone who is crying wolf to make it look like there is racism in the community.

There is one lone disturbed person, or perhaps several more with him if he has friends.

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