Despite what you might have heard, worldwide coal production and use is increasing.

The same goes for natural gas and petroleum.

In China coal output and use continues to hit record highs:

BEIJING, Jan 17 (Reuters) – China’s coal output reached a record high in 2023, data from the statistics bureau showed on Wednesday, amid an ongoing focus on energy security and a rise in demand after pandemic-related restrictions eased

The world’s biggest coal producer mined 4.66 billion metric tons of the fuel last year, up 2.9% from a year earlier, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

For December, output reached 414.31 million tons, nearly flat with November’s 414 million tons and up 1.9% from the year-earlier level.

Daily output over the month was 13.36 million tons, slipping from November’s record-high daily average of 13.8 million tons.

The country’s overall power generation, which is dominated by coal-fired plants, rose 8% year-on-year in December.

Man using tablet at Natural gas processing facility

Despite the best efforts of some, the human race is using more coal, natural gasses, and petroleum than ever in its history.

Why is the Wyoming energy industry struggling?

The Wall Street Journal reported that wind & solar investment funds are tanking, with some down as much as 70% in just the last few months.

Solar power is performing the worst.

Despite building new wind farms all over the nation, it turns out wind energy is a lousy investment too.

While wind and solar are tanking, Exxon and Chevron have a combined $110 billion acquisition plan to expand oil and gas drilling in one of the largest known oil reserves on the planet, the Permian Basin in Texas.

This year both of these oil companies reported their largest profits ever.

Despite what you may have heard from the news media, politicians, and activists, in 2023, humanity guzzled more oil and gas than ever in history.

"Carbon neutral," you say?

"Net zero" by 2050?

Where is that happening?

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon is facing criticism for his recent comments pledging to reduce his state's carbon emissions and saying there was urgency to addressing the "warming climate."

At the same time, developed countries are spending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to stop oil, gas, and coal.

But the rest of the world is using more of it.

Almost 80% of our energy still comes from old-fashioned organic fuels, (coal, natural gasses, and oil).

Yes, there is a “global energy transition” going on.

It just happens to be TOWARD more organic fuels, not away from them.

The goal, according to the Biden Administration and the so-called "green movement" is to reach "net zero" by 2050.

While running for President, Bided spoke of putting an end to all "fossil fuels" which would include shutting down all coal power plants.

Sequestering carbon, which Wyoming is currently experimenting with, will do nothing to appease those who have called to 'keep it in the ground."

By that, they mean to keep anything they refer to as a "fossil fuel" in the ground and never extract it.

But if states like Wyoming were to shut down every coal power plant, would it make a difference?

The answer is NO.

One of those reasons comes from what is happening in the rest of the world.

The use of coal, worldwide, is not down. It's actually up.

Yes, the world is actually using more coal than ever.

China is one of several nations leading that charge.

The following facts were laid out before a congressional committee.

If solar and wind could actually replace fossil fuels, China wouldn’t have 300 planned new coal plants—more than the total we have in the United States—each designed to last 40 or more years. (Alex Epstene).

Epstein concludes his statements by pointing out that China currently creates most of the components to create America's wind and solar farms.

China uses coal plants to create those components.

Without coal and petroleum, it is impossible to create wind and solar power, much less electric cars.

There is no way to "keep it in the ground."

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