Jenny Hunter is the founder of JR’s Hunt For Life. A local non-profit founded after her son committed suicide to help others experiencing the same struggle.

Her podcast provides suicide awareness and spreads hope across Wyoming, the nation, and now even has listeners across the globe.

Jenny Hunter and co-host Billy Floyd chat about the reason for suicide and give pointers for friends and family to notice the signs of someone who is possibly going through suicidal ideations, and tendencies.

Feedspot recognized "Safe Talk" as one of the top 45 Best Suicide Prevention Podcasts globally

This distinction is based on an extensive evaluation of thousands of podcasts and considers factors such as web traffic, social media followers, and content freshness.

In the latest episode of their series, Jenny and Billy delve into part seven of the crucial discussion on how to support someone reluctant to seek help.

They highlight the importance of seeking external assistance for individuals facing mental health challenges, a critical step in saving lives.

By openly addressing suicide prevention, they aim to dismantle the stigma barriers that frequently prevent people from accessing the support they need.

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Through their varied perspectives, Jenny and Billy remind us that the need for support is a universal experience at different points in our lives.

Welcome to "Safe Talk," the suicide prevention podcast hosted by Jenny Hunter and Billy Floyd, where judgment-free conversations can save lives.

Jenny Hunter, founder of the non-profit suicide prevention movement "J.R.'s Hunt For Life," provides global hope and support.

Billy Floyd, her co-host, is known for his roles as a podcast host, media broadcaster, and positive influencer. This episode features "Sounds of Soul" music, graciously provided by Fearless Motivation with permission. Production credit goes to Angel Mountain Media.

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Jenny Hunter succinctly expresses, "We can bring it to light, understand it, support each other, and ultimately save lives."

"Safe Talk" is readily accessible for free on platforms like Apple Music, iTunes,, Spotify, Anchor, IHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Pandora, Stitcher, Overcast, and more, thanks to RSS feeds worldwide. Support our podcast by visiting 🙌🏻💫

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