The West has had a lot of wet this winter.

Literally, it's been a drought buster.

As things begin to slowly warm up you might notice the green gradually filling in across Wyoming.

Right behind it will come the flowers.

This year will be a banner year for spring flowers in Wyoming.

It's already happening in other Western states.

Superblooms follow wet winters, according to the University of California ecologists.

They always occur right after a hard winter that came with a massive amount of snow, and a wet spring.

Right now Arizona’s deserts are filled with blue lupine and orange poppies that surround towering saguaro cacti.

A massive sea of orchids are spreading across Northern California’s forests.

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve has orange and yellow flowers as far as the eye can see and across its borders.

On highways, people are pulling over to take selfies and family photos with the flowers.

Some landscapes that appeared baron and dusty during the drought are now bursting forth with green grasses and colorful flowers.

“Extensive patches of blue tones invade the view of places,” actor Joe Spanos said Friday, narrating the foundation’s report on its wildflower hotline about what can be seen in the Carrizo Plain region. (AP News).

Right now Wyoming has just a hint of green and a few buds appearing here and there.

But, then again, we are much farther north than Arizona, so give it a little while longer.

Then watch the explosion of green and wild Wyoming colors on both lands and in the trees.

It doesn't last long out in this part of the country, so get your photos while you can.

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