Posted on the Instagram page, Tourons Of Yellowstone, is this scene from Teton National Forest, Wyoming.

A big elk was hit by a car.

It died in the middle of the road.

A bear sees it and thinks, "WOW, LUCKY ME!"

The bear pulls the elk off to the side of the road and sits down for dinner.

Fascinated by this, tourists stop to take photos.

Those tourists include this little girl.

Any other time the little girl might have been considered a snack by the bear.

attachment-Bear Eating Elk Tetons

But the bear is too interested in his big fat elk to see the girl

Still, it's a dangerous situation.

Mommy pulls the little girl closer like that's going to help.

Looks closer at the photo and you'll see that the girl is not the only kid in the area.

This entire situation might be viewed better from -- INSIDE THE CAR!

attachment-Bear Eating Elk Tetons 1

The problem, or the danger if you will, is if the bear thinks that someone is going to steal his food.

That would cause Mr. Grizzly to get aggressive and fight off anyone he thinks might want to take his dinner from him.

Lucky for the tourist, this time, the bear is keeping an eye on the humans, but more interested in getting at the meat under the hide of that elk.

He tugs and tears at it, and uses his massive claws and paws.

attachment-Bear Eating Elk Tetons 3

You might think, well, it's okay to watch this as long as you stay close to your vehicle.

If you knew how fast these big bears can move, you might rethink that.

I'm not saying to be curious.

Just be safer than these people are being.

If you're going to take pictures, like the guy we see below, do it with a long lens.

If you don't have a long lens, then too bad.

Don't risk it.

attachment-Bear Eating Elk Tetons 4

Finally, the bear sits back to check out the humans.

He doesn't make a move on them.

But he is keeping an eye on them.

This really is a dangerous situation.

In the wild, a bear is always protecting its food from wolves and other animals that might want to take it from him.

I'll say it again:


attachment-Bear Eating Elk Tetons 5

Never get this close.

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