The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority or DDA does an awesome job year in and year out(even in 2020!) on making sure that there are events going around town for us to enjoy. Well, they're going a step ahead next month and putting on a Cheyenne Community Appreciate Day.

When Is Cheyenne Community Appreciation Day?

According to their Facebook Event for the appreciation day, the big day is September 24th. I'll go into more detail about why this is going to be such a big day in Cheyenne later.

What is Cheyenne Community Appreciation Day?

  • Morning Yoga
  • Face Paintings
  • Bouncy House
  • 20' Slide
  • Street Magic
  • Pony Rides
  • Downtown Mini Golf Tournament
  • Oktoberfest Vendors
  • Family Movie Night At Commons Park Featuring Encanto

This is looking to be a really good time, the main stuff that will be going on will be held at 17th and Capitol in Downtown Cheyenne.

Now, September 24th is going to be a big deal. Not only is it my wife's birthday(she'd want us all to celebrate with her) it's also Oktoberfest! There's not one, but TWO Oktoberfest celebrations on September 24th. The Downtown Cheyenne Oktoberfest will be kicking off at the Depot Plaza while Black Tooth Brewing will have an all-day Oktoberfest and street party at their taproom from Noon until 11 PM.



So, this is going to be, what feels like a kiss goodbye to Summer with Fall starting on September 22nd. So, be sure to find your flannel, pumpkin spice whatever, and head down to Downtown Cheyenne for a really fun day of, well, everything.

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