We recently asked our listeners to talk about some of the good deeds people right here in Cheyenne have done for others.

Here are some of the responses from our KGAB Facebook page:

"I know a gal who lost her wallet at a local drinking establishment. One of the employees found it and drove 20 plus miles one way to return it to her. Everything was there but the cash. Extra effort to return her wallet was appreciated."

"This was last year but my daughter found a large amount of cash, cards and a driver's license walking to the bus that someone had lost while playing tennis. She took the items and went to school and gave them to the principal and school officer 😊 They found the owner and returned everything. She was 12 at the time, she is a student at Johnson 😊"

"Joe Shogrin met me and my daughter at Walmart and purchased her a new bike after hers was stolen this summer/fall. We are still so incredibly grateful and taken back by his kindness!"

"Last May, my uncle died from cancer. My mom mom and I went to visit my grandfather who ended up in the hospital with really bad Pneumonia that same day. We were getting something to drink before we went to his hospital room. There was an employee ahead of at the cash register. She had some money left over on her account or a card. I'm not sure which. She offered to pay for our drinks. It may not have seemed like much to her, but for me who was grieving the loss of one family member and afraid that I may lose another, it meant so much to me."

I left my wallet in the bathroom at The Beast and someone turned it in with all of my cards inside. I was super thankful for honest people

''I was in the drive thru at Dazbog on the North side, I ordered a $14.00 bag of coffee beans for my husband and a large coffee...I got to the window and the kind gentleman that was in front of me paid for my entire order!''

''Got my car backed into in the Walmart parking lot, and a spark driver wrote the make, model, plates, description of the person and left it on my windshield.''

''A week or 2 ago I found a wallet that was left in a cart. I did open to look at the ID and delivered it to their address.''

''At this point even a smile and have a nice day goes along way!!
I had a lady pay for my lunch the other day and that felt amazing!!''

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