Wyoming has a big drug problem, according to a report released Wednesday.

In order to determine where drug abuse is most pronounced and which areas are most at risk, the personal finance website WalletHub compared the 50 states and Washington, D.C. in three overall categories: Drug Use and Addiction, Law Enforcement, and Drug Health Issues and Rehab.

The study was based on 20 relevant metrics, ranging from arrest and overdose rates to opioid prescriptions and employee drug testing laws.

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Source: WalletHub

Overall, Wyoming ranked 15th highest for drug use, ranking first in four of the metrics: Share of Children Who Lived with Anyone Who Had a Problem with Alcohol or Drugs, Drug Arrests on College Campuses per 1,000 Students, Maternity Drug Policy (Is Substance Abuse During Pregnancy a Crime?), and States with Employee Drug Testing Laws.

The Cowboy State also had the second most drug arrests per capita behind South Dakota.

New Mexico ranked as having the biggest drug problem right now, followed by West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Louisiana, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Michigan.

And Hawaii ranked as having the smallest drug problem right now, followed by Utah, Florida, Minnesota, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, Connecticut, Alabama, and North Dakota.

For the full report, click here.


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