In addition to being in the grip of fear herself, Jana Kramer gave her Twitter followers and her fans a big scare when she issued a real-time Twitter update while on a distressed plane yesterday morning. The singer tweeted that she was “terrified” that her flight was about to make an emergency touchdown back in Miami without landing gear. It was a true “Oh my God” moment.

“Terrified out of my mind. Emergency landing back in Miami without landing gear. #pray,” the ‘Why Ya Wanna’ hitmaker tweeted at 9:12AM Sunday morning.

Imagine seeing that update show up in your feed. It was enough to make anyone’s stomach drop. Kramer then followed that terrifying tweet up 32 minutes later, letting everyone know that she was fine and on the ground.

She posted: “HOLY S**T that was NOT cool at all. Good news though. I’m on the ground. We made it. Thanks for the prayers #shaking.”

We’re glad that Kramer and her fellow passengers are okay and officially out of harm’s way. Any sort of aerial drama like that is certainly frightening.

It’s worth nothing that the digital age and social media exist to help users communicate about more than what they are having for dinner or who they are crushing on. In this case, Kramer was able to tweet about her situation and ask for prayers. Can’t beat that as an effective usage of social media applications.

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