Jason Aldean‘s new year will consist of his first-ever stadium tour. The 2013 Night Train Tour will feature a new set of opening acts scattered dates — including Miranda Lambert, Jake Owen, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett — and will pick up where his My Kinda Party Tour left off.

“We’re actually in the process right now of designing a new set and whole new production,” Aldean reveals to Taste of Country. “[We're] revamping the whole tour, so it will be a whole new look, a whole new everything, going out next year. It will be a completely different deal. Right now it’s just kind of in the designing stages of the stage and the lights and video. We’re kind of getting all that stuff together right now.”

Perhaps Aldean will have a better grasp on planning a new trek after he bids farewell to his current monster success, the My Kinda Party Tour, which is set to wrap on Oct. 27 in Dallas, Texas. While Aldean is grateful for everything the tour and album have done for his career, he is looking forward to closing one door and opening another.

“I think that record and this tour and everything about this My Kinda Party ride has been not only a career-changing thing, but a life-changing thing for me,” he explains. “It will always be a really, really special record for that reason, the tour — everything about it — but at the same time, I feel like it’s served its purpose. It did more than I could have ever hope for it to do. I’m kind of excited to move on to the next chapter. I feel like we have a great record to come behind that with, and kind of keep the ‘train’ rolling.”

Jason Aldean 2013 Night Train Tour Dates (So Far):

4/13 – Athens, Ga. | Sanford Stadium (Luke Bryan, Jake Owen Thomas Rhett)
7/13 – Boston, Mass. | Fenway Park (Miranda Lambert, Jake Owen, Thomas Rhett)
7/20 – Chicago, Ill. | Wrigley Field (Kelly Clarkson, Jake Owen, Thomas Rhett)