"The Jelly bean is perfect for the proper dosage," says David Klein, the original inventor of the Jelly Belly. Klein recently launched a business called "Spectrum Confections," specifically tailored to make jelly beans that are infused with cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD.

CBD is a non-psychoactive component of Marijuana, touted for medical benefits and used primarily for treatment of inflammation, pain relief, and epilepsy. Wyoming previously had a particularly narrow law for CBD oil, which was only legal for patients with epilepsy that has not responded to other treatments, however recently, House Bill 0171 was signed into law by Governor Mark Gordon, which legalized hemp and CBD oil, with marijuana still being considered a controlled substance.

The health benefits of CBD are widely talked about, and David Klein's newest venture might be the perfect vehicle for the non-psychoactive treatment. The candy comes in 38 flavors, including my personal favorite, roasted marshmallow.

The CBD-infused jelly beans are available in bulk on the Spectrum Confections website, though, currently, they are completely sold out.

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