It’s been almost two years since Joe Nichols fans were treated to a full-length collection of new songs from the ‘Gimmie That Girl’ singer, but that’ll change soon.

On November 8, Nichols will return with his seventh full-length CD, ‘It’s All Good.’ The 10-song album, Nichols’ first for Show Dog/Universal, will include his latest top 30 country hit, ‘Take It Off.’ 

As Nichols’ fans have come to expect, the new album will offer a blend of traditional and new modern country sounds. “I want to bring a traditional sound into 2011 and 2012, to keep it faithful and make sure we’re still connecting with today’s listener,” he said in a statement announcing the release. “On every album, we’re looking for hit singles, but every time out I want to satisfy the artistic part of my soul too.”

The new album, which was co-produced by Mark Wright and Buddy Cannon, will actually be Nichols’ second release of 2011, following January’s ‘Greatest Hits.’

‘It’s All Good’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Take It Off’
2. ‘The More I Look’
3. ‘Somebody’s Mama’
4. ‘It’s All Good’
5. ‘This Ole Boy’
6. ‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’
7. ‘No Truck, No Boat, No Girl’
8. ‘Never Gonna Get Enough’
9. ‘She’s Just Like That’
10. ‘How I Wanna Go’

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