Politics can be divisive, but Jason Isbell and John Rich have proven that it's possible to have a civil discourse.

Isbell gave an interview to MSNBC on Friday (Oct. 25) in which he publicized his support for democratic candidate Phil Bredesen in the 2018 Tennessee Senate Race. He says part of the reason he was showing up to vote was to cancel out the votes of the opposition, specifically John Rich's.

"I think it's pretty obvious that the people you disagree with are showing up to vote, and that's really happening in the state of Tennessee. So if you want to cancel them out, do it. Personally, I'm going to vote to cancel out John Rich from the band Big & Rich. His vote is not going to matter because I'm going to go and I'm going to vote the opposite," Isbell remarked.

It could have started an all-out war between the two country-tinged artists, but Rich took a different route, sharing that he's a fan of Isbell's music and supports his decision to give his opinion.

"I think it's great that @JasonIsbell is vocal about his beliefs. So am I. I also dig his music, even though he doesn't like mine," Rich writes on Twitter. The Big & Rich star also notes that differences in thought don't mean people can't find a middle ground.

"The point is, we should be able to disagree on policies in this country and still be unified through our belief in America and what it stands for," he continues.

Isbell saw Rich's tweet and returned the graciousness. "I appreciate the class here. Wish more of our Congresspeople could have this type of discussion," the Americana star responded.

Both acts have been vocal about their political leanings. Isbell supported democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race in 2017, while Rich recently found himself in the crossfire after he shared he was boycotting Nike due to its selection of NFL player Colin Kaepernik as the face of the brand's 30th anniversary campaign. The football star was cast in the national spotlight in 2016 when he began kneeling during the National Anthem in protest of social injustices.

Rich went on to invite a discussion between he and Isbell, adding there are likely more commonalities to be discovered.

"You and I should have a chat, the nation could learn from us about how to disagree with some integrity," Rich writes. "I bet we have more in common that we realize."

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