The Buffalo Bills came out on top against the New York Jets 20-12, but even though the Bills pulled off the win, the reporters didn’t necessarily let them off the hook. 

After celebrating the rematch win, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen sat with reporters for his usual post-game chat. He took questions like he usually does, except one didn’t sit right with him and Allen did not stand for it. 

It wasn’t even a question, really, but rather a statement. After Josh Allen wrapped up one of his answers, a reporter chimed in and said, “It doesn’t look like an offense that is good enough to win the Super Bowl right now.” 

To which Josh Allen responded: “Okay.” 

But the self-restraint Josh Allen shows in this post-game interview is pretty remarkable. I mean, he might have just said “okay,” but we all know it wasn’t okay. 

You can see the clip of that below. 

Buffalo Bills fans around the world obviously would disagree. We’ve always “bill-ieved” we’re a Super Bowl team, even in the years where we struggled. 

CNN Reporter Wolf Blitzer voiced his support for the Buffalo Bills during the game against “New Jersey.” 

In a Buffalo Bills hoodie, Wolf Blitzer said: 

As you know, I love my @BuffaloBills and I’m watching another big game today. As we say: “Let’s Go Buffalo.” #GoBills!”

That reporter has no idea how many people are in the Bills Mafia, because this fanbase runs deep!

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