Kelsea Ballerini chose an R&B-influenced song as her next single release after her appearance on NBC's Songland on Tuesday (June 11). Ballerini has released a song titled "Better Luck Next Time" after choosing it during the competition.

Ballerini said that she was looking for "something different, something that I haven't done before" during the show, according to Yahoo!. In the tradition of the songwriting competition, she was offered four songs from four different contestants, all of whom are aspiring songwriters. The country singer had her pick of a country waltz called "Easy," written by Jess Jecoy; "Crush," by Daniel Feels; and a song called "Lying (Next to You)," which Jack Newsome wrote. She was instantly smitten with "Better Luck Next Time," which Darius Coleman wrote.

Noting that she gravitates toward songs that provoke a strong reaction in her, whether dancing or crying, Ballerini said that Coleman had created a country hook whether he intended to or not. He subsequently worked with Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic to change the song's key to better suit Ballerini's range, as well as substituting acoustic guitars for electric guitars on the track. Click on the video below to listen to his original rendition of the song, and click on the song at the top of the story to hear Ballerini's recording.

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Songland is a reality competition that features aspiring songwriters pitching songs to established recording artists each week, with the star then recording the song they pick. Ballerini is the first country star to appear on the show in its debut season so far. Grammy-winning country songwriter and producer Shane McAnally serves on the judging panel for the show.

Coleman has been writing songs for nearly a decade, and Ballerini's choice could mark his big break. She recently scored her fifth No. 1 hit with "Miss Me More."

"I picked 'Better Luck Next Time' because it's something that I definitely haven't done before. Melodically, it feels challenging and interesting and intricate, and those are all things that just made my ear perk up," Ballerini states (quote via "Darius, in his own right, is such an incredible artist, and I even told him off, off-camera, I was like, 'I want you to be there when I record this song, 'cause I want you to help me get my head around how you're doing these runs and these riffs, and I want to push myself on it.' That really was something that excites me."

Watch Darius Coleman Perform "Better Luck Next Time"

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