Kenny Chesney has been a staple in country music for nearly three decades now. Because he's a superstar, plenty of fans think they know a lot about the singer -- and they probably do. But there's likely still a few things you don't know about him.

Even the No Shoes Nation -- that's Chesney's die-hard fan group, for the uninitiated -- might be surprised to learn some of these 10 facts. For example, did you know that Chesney takes really good care of his employees? Okay, maybe that seems like an obvious thing -- or at least something that every good boss should do -- but Chesney takes the idea of "work perks" to a whole new level.

Why'd Chesney write his first song? Is he a dog person or a cat person? And what made the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks so frightening for him? Read on to find out:

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