Valentine's Day is coming up this week, and love is already in the air. However, there are a few pets at the Laramie Animal Shelter that are in need of a little extra love this year. All of the descriptions for the pets have been provided by the Laramie Animal Shelter.


  • Caitlin Anderle, Townsquare Media


    Tex is a lively, active youngster. He LOVES to play with his toys. He likes petting and affection as well. He has a lovely buff and white coat, and is already fully vaccinated. Tex has lived with other cats and dogs.

  • Caitlin Anderle, Townsquare Media


    Bug is an exceedingly friendly adult male. He is already neutered and fully vaccinated. He loves people and attention, and is easygoing and personable. He is a large kitty with a history of roaming because he was allowed to. It is important that Bug be an indoor kitty because he knows his way "home" from great distances. The problem is that his original owners no longer live at "home" and the people that do cannot have another cat.

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    Captain Crunch

    Captain Crunch wandered into the right house on a cold night. He was offered safe shelter and the food available (Captain Crunch), which he readily consumed. Now he's switched to cat food and that works better for his overall health, but any port in a storm, right? He will be neutered prior to adoption. He will also be fully vaccinated. He likes people and he's a handsome fellow. He would love a warm home of his own.