A Laramie man is headed to prison after having his probation revoked in Albany County District Court Wednesday, March 1.

Dean Cecil Naylor, 20, was sentenced to five to nine years in prison for violating the terms of his bond.

Naylor was sentenced in April 2015 to boot camp and probation following allegations he was involved in an attempted burglary in 2014.

Naylor pleaded guilty in Feb. 24, 2015 to conspiracy to commit burglary and in exchange the state dropped the other count, attempt to commit burglary.

Naylor completed the boot camp, but repeatedly violated the terms of his probation by not responding to his parole officer's calls, not keeping his curfew as well as using methamphetamine while out on parole, according to court documents. Prosecutor Kurt Britzius said Naylor had also been caught trying to sell his medications while being held in the Albany County Detention Center.

Albany County District Court Judge Tori Kricken said Naylor had been given multiple chances to get his act together and had not done so. She reminded Naylor that former Albany County District Court Judge Jeffrey Donnell had warned Naylor that if he failed to complete boot camp and meet the terms of his probation, he would be sent to prison.

Judge Kricken said she would do as Donnell would have done in this situation and would sentence Naylor to prison time.

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