Well, country fans. There's one thing for sure. When you think of hot country properties, you probably don't add the name Lionel Richie to the list. He's a pop icon and hasn't done too much country of late.  Except, that is, for his highly regarded new CD called Tuskegee.


Our friends at Rolling Stone are reporting the impressive news that on a recent Home Shopping Network appearance, the R&B singer sold an incredible 20,000 copies of the CD in a single hour. Not bad for a 60 minute appearance.

Just before the show, Lionel opened up to Rolling Stone.

To do this album was very eye-opening. I didn't realize that all of country knew all of my songs anyway.

The CD is named for Lionel's hometown.

During the interview, Lionel also shared a little history regarding his journey to country.

Conway Twitty wanted me to come years ago and 'be country'. But I was too busy being a Commodore. Then Kenny Rogers wanted me to go country, but I was too busy being the 'pop' Lionel Richie. Then all of a sudden we went into an area where it was, 'Can Lionel Richie rap?' No!  Trust me. I can do it, but you don't want to hear me. Flava Flav said, 'Don't try it! If you want somebody to rap, you call me. I'll rap. You just sing!

I'm thinking that with the star power he has behind himon this collection, Lionel is looking at some serious album sales coming up.

You can read the entire Rolling Stone article here.

So, what do you think?  Is this a good move for Mr. Richie?  Let us know here.

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