One minute you're in your element surrounded by lush mountains, raging rivers and streams chock full of nourishment for your body and other bear friends, the next take a wrong turn and end up in a completely foreign land hanging out with some horses in the flatlands. That's exactly what happened to this young bear who somehow wandered from the Rocky Mountains all the way out to the Colorado plains near Limon.


According to CBS Denver, a young bear was found "roaming the Plains" and chasing horses recently just a couple of weeks after Colorado Parks and Wildlife put out a lost bear alert on May 25.

The bear, which was between 2-3 years of age was found near Calhan, which is about 90 miles southeast of Denver.


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Google Images


Yeah...he got REAL lost. After wildlife officials got word that the bear was spotted chasing horses just outside of Calhan, they arrived and tranquilized the bear so they could safely capture him and bring him back to his natural habitat and release him back into the wild.


Thankfully no humans or animals were injured and there was a happy ending to this bizarre story of a bear whose inner compass appears to be broken.


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