Below average snow-pack and the recent warming trend have allowed snow-plow crews to get to work, or finish working on clearing some seasonal road closure areas sooner than normal.

A 15-mile stretch of Grand Teton Road inside Grand Teton National Park has already been cleared and is open to non-motorized traffic, such as walkers and bicyclists.

Park Spokesperson Andrew White says although the road is clear, it will not open until May First.

"That asphalt has been under the snow for the whole winter. that kind of changes the composition of the asphalt. if we were to open it up the second we finish plowing, that would actually put more wear and tear on the road, because it's softer. So, it actually needs a little time to kind of bake in the sun and keer, so that it's ready to accommodate that heavy traffic, that we see in the summer."

A three-mile stretch of Grand Teton Road between the main park entrance at Moose and the Taggert Lake Trailhead, as well as a small stretch of highway around and over the Jackson Lake Dam is open year round for motorized travel.

A portion of the road between Moose Junction south to Teton Village is also closed as well and will open later.

Grand Teton Road Near Jackson Lake Dam
Grand Teton Road Near Jackson Lake Dam. Photo Courtesy: Kevin Koile

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