I have more than a few issues with this event. Growing up in Wyoming, I learned at an early age that Wyoming women could do whatever they set their mind to. I learned that the equality state viewed women as equals, and those who underestimated us would learn the error of their ways. I learned this as the strong, three generations of women in my family kept ranches, farms, businesses and households together through tough times. I learned it as my mother shattered the glass ceiling in her industry by becoming the first female certified shovel operator in her coal mine's history.

Wyoming women are TOUGH. And I'm sorry, but we don't need an event (created by men, no less) to teach us how to be "proper women." This is exactly what is taking place in Orlando, Florida with a three-day conference intended to teach women how to have "unlimited babies," and reject "unhealthy militant feminism." Note, the tickets for this event cost $2000, are only available for women, and ALL OF THE SPEAKERS ARE MEN.

The conference's website calls it "The World's Ultimate Event for Women, By Men." Big bold letters claim it is "destined to be the mansplaining event of the century." One picture on the website also says: "Men prefer debt-free virginis without tattoos." It also requires attendants to be a natural-born woman, making it even more offensive to another entire population of people.

Ladies, regardless of political affiliation, I'm sure most of you agree with me here: We don't need men to tell us how to be the right kind of woman. We especially don't need to drop two grand on a conference promising to turn us into Stepford wives with our only ambition being to please the man in our lives. Wyoming women are a breed all their own and I'd love to see someone try to tell us how to be more "Ladylike."

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