The Natrona County Sheriff's Office and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department are on the lookout for a mountain lion that was spotted in the Eastern Natrona County area.

According to an incident report filed with the Sheriff's Office, at around 4:40pm on Monday, May 11th, a resident on Geary Dome Road, located east of Evansville, reported she was confronted by the mountain lion on the front porch of her home.

Deputies found tracks in the mud and later found the animal hiding under a bush, about 50 feet away from where it was first spotted.

A Wyoming Game and Fish Warden was contacted, but before a warden with a dart rifle arrived, the cat was spooked and ran.

It then jumped over a fence, fled the area, and disappeared.

The Game and Fish Department has set up a large animal trap in the area, but so far there have been no other reported sightings of the animal.

Anyone who spots the mountain lion is asked to stay away from it, and call law enforcement or the Game and Fish Department.

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