Starting today our "Movie Ticket May" contest will be starting in the Y95 Country Corral. You have to be  member of the club to enter for your chance to win, but joining is simple and best of all it's free! Every week we will give away pairs of movie tickets to Fox Theaters in Laramie. Contests will start every Monday and end on Sundays, so if there is a movie coming out that you are itching to see why not get in for free? You can enter the contest as many times as you would like; the first entry is free and consecutive entries are only 200 points.

It would be an injustice to end this post without mentioning one of our most popular contests for a Beaches vacation. We are giving away a $4,500 Beaches Luxury Included Vacation locally to one of our listeners on June 6th. With summer right around the corner you are crazy not to give this one a shot! The ONLY way you can win the trip given away locally is through our website in the Y95 Country Corral. Once again your first entry is free and consecutive entries will cost you 1,000 points each. There will also be a trip a day given away nationally every week day in May after the Que 2 Call is announced on air. Members of the Y95 Country Corral will have exclusive access to when the actual Que 2 call times will be within the club to increase their chances of winning. It does pay to be a member. Good Luck from all of us at Y95 Country!

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