On tonight’s (Oct. 1) blind audition episode of ‘The Voice,’ Nathalie Hernandez, a small-town girl, performed Taylor Swift‘s ‘White Horse.’ Her rendition of the song was so sweet, innocent and sincere, sort of like Swift’s, that coaches Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton immediately turned their big red chairs around for her. She made an impact and an impression…quick.

With her long brown hair and flowery outfit, Hernandez reminded us of everything pure about the love of music, before it can become tainted by the “business” aspect and element of entertainment. Hernandez turned the song in without any airs or pretense, just singing from that place in her heart that tells her this is what she wants to do with her life and what she is supposed to be doing with her life.

When Shelton made his pitch to be her coach, he asked her if she is a country act. She declared that she is not. “I like Taylor Swift, but I am more into contemporary music,” she answered.

She ultimately chose Aguilera as her coach -Adam Levine had also turned his chair around- since she is the female contempo coach on the current panel and that’s what Hernandez is looking for.

Watch Nathalie Hernandez Perform ‘White Horse’ on ‘The Voice’

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