Neal McCoy didn’t have to go far to find willing extras for the upcoming video for his new song ‘A-OK.’ The singer decided to film the clip in his hometown of Longview, Texas. KYTX reports that McCoy invited anyone and everyone to dance, clap their hands and sing along in the video for the song from his upcoming ‘XII’ album.

“I’ve been on the road a bunch this year, just like every year we run a lot, and instead of taking more time away from my family, I said it’d be great if we could shoot this thing in Longview,” McCoy says. Shortly before Christmas he parked his bus in downtown Longview and set up shop. ‘A-OK’ is the debut single from ‘XII,’ his 12th studio album, and first since ‘That’s Life’ in 2005.

“It’s X-I-I. That’s ’12′ for the educated people, and then for the rednecks like us we put ’twelve’ under there,” he adds.

The always affable McCoy brought Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert in to co-produce the project, and while they sing on a few tracks, it’s not clear if they’ll appear in the video. He says he hired them to make the project fit in with his contemporaries.

“With their schedules and as hot as they are and as popular as they are … for them to take a lot of their off time off and come in the studio with me and help produce and sing on some of this stuff, it’s just a huge feather in my cap,” he tells Taste of Country. “And I think the reason that they do it — and hopefully if you talk to them that they would say the same thing — is that they like me. They grew up with me and they like me and they still think there’s a lot to offer there.”

‘XII’ is scheduled to be released in March.

Watch Clips of Neal McCoy’s ‘A-OK’ Video Shoot

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