You may know that Seger the Radio Station Dog is a pitbull mix, and probably the best dog in the world (though, I admit that I'm definitely biased.) I actually watched this new Pixar short for the first time as the 70 lb lap dog tried his best to lay completely on my chest, but the crushing feeling in my torso wasn't from the weight of Seger, it was from the adorable and heart-wrenching new short from Pixar.

Kitbull is a pixar animation special short directed by Rosanna Sullivan, about a loner kitten who eventually finds a friend in the form of a pitbull. The kitten helps her new friend escape a difficult situation, and... well, you'll have to watch the film to find out.

Sullivan says she was inspired by watching cute cat videos on the internet, and wanted to translate it into 2D animation, with hand-painted backgrounds and no dialogue. The setting is the same neighborhood that she experienced when she first moved to San Francisco. You can watch the full behind the scenes here.

Pixar shorts are almost cheating when it comes to cutting onions, but I'm probably going to watch this one more time, and then go cuddle my own pitbull.

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