Would you let go of the Big Sky State if it meant that there'd be less national debt? Well, a new online petition is calling for selling Montana to Canada in exchange for enough money to wipe out the national debt. No word as to whether Canada would even accept the deal in the first place.

Just a reminder, our national debt is currently sitting over 22 trillion dollars. We paid $15 million for the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Adjusted for inflation, that comes out to about $333 million. That would make this deal more than 66 thousand times more of a deal than our largest land purchase ever. That begs the question... Is Montana even worth that?

Don't get me wrong, I love Montana. I've got friends from Great Falls, to Bozeman, to Billings to Helena. However... Maybe this would be a good thing for Montana in the long run. Think of the great sacrifice they'd be making to become Canadians so the rest of the US could live without debt.


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The petition on Change.org is currently sitting at 17,528 signatures as of writing this article. The petition calls to only sell it for $1 Trillion, however, which would only be 1/20th of our National debt. Are we going to sell more of the northern states to Canada to finish the rest of it? Isn't Minnesota essentially South Canada already?

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