If you haven't jumped feet first into watching Netflix's revival of the show about 5 gay men who can help others uncover their own inner beauty, then you're seriously missing out. Queer Eye is a social and cultural phenomenon, and the new "fab five," are as diverse and unique as the original group from the 90s.

Tan France is the resident style and fashion expert, who specializes in the famous "French Tuck," and is a happily married man who speaks very highly of his husband and extended family while interacting with people on the show.

In the season premiere for the newest third season of Queer Eye on Netflix, a woman covered in camouflage underwent a transformation at the hands of the Fab Five, and I got serious flashbacks to some of my strong Wyoming friends who think that camo is the new black (and sometimes, it is. Just not every day.)

During the episode, France discussed the culture with the hunting aficionado and said: "My in-laws own a ranch in Wyoming, so I get it."

That's right folks, Tan France's in-laws live right here in the Cowboy State, and according to an interview with the New York Times, they once made him "castrate a cow." Sounds like Tan got to experience the rite of passage of branding, huh? France says that he "cried so much, but they're lovely people." His in-laws still live in the Cowboy State and are members of the LDS faith, and own a cattle ranch in Wyoming.

A little Queer Eye connection right here in the 307! How about that!

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