The video for Sara Evans' new single 'Slow Me Down' co-stars NASCAR driver Carl Edwards as the singer's love interest. It's a breakup song, so there's no hot and heavy between the two, only animated arguing. Watch it all unfold, and find out what they're really saying as the music plays in this ToC exclusive behind-the-scenes clip.

Edwards isn't new to country music videos. He was the other guy in Justin Moore's 'Bait a Hook' video in 2011. But this time he loses the girl. There's a breakup scene and multiple fight-scenes filmed in a condominium. Edwards and Evans prove to have great chemistry, never cracking a smile as they argue about the most ridiculous thing possible.

"OK, speaking of a--es..." Edwards says as the crew fights back laughter (You'll have to watch to hear what they really say.)

Most of the 'Slow Me Down' video is shot at a club called Anthem in Nashville. Evans is in her wedding dress, trying to navigate the narrow stairway in one behind-the-scenes shot. Fans learn how she struggled with the feathers floating around during the many close-ups.

"I'm gonna give birth to a chicken," she says. 'Slow Me Down' is the lead single from her upcoming seventh studio album. The full video will be revealed on October 23.

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