Saying that he feels on top of the world, Scotty McCreery is enjoying the big, big day.  His Freshman Album, Clear as Day officially hits the streets today.  The release tops off an incredible nine-months in the spot light for the teen winner of American Idol.  Scotty will be watching the sales figures from home room.  That's right, he's back in high school finishing up his senior year.  Go Class of 2011!

By the way, Scotty says that as much as most people treat him just like they always have at school, there are days when he can't just walk down the hallway to his next class without other kids wanting to stop and talk to the Country star.

Now, as to the album itself.  Scotty says that he worked closely with his producer to make all the selections as true to himself as possible. 

"It's not going to be poppy," Scotty reveals of the album's direction. "That's one thing we stayed away from. I grew up with the old-school stuff, so I didn't want to completely stray from that. We've got the rocker songs, the uptempo stuff. But when we slow it down, the songs get more intimate, and you can definitely hear some of the more classic elements."

Of course, Scotty's Top 15 single, 'I Love You This Big',  and his latest single, 'The Trouble With Girls.' are both included on the disc.

Phyllis Stark, executive editor of country music for industry news site, predicts Clear as Day will be the week's top-selling country album. "I can't see him not being successful," Stark says. "Everybody I know has been impressed, and this is a tough crowd to win over."

As to all the hoopla, Scotty's been pretty level-headed about the whole thing:   "I don't do drama," he says. "If you bring drama into my life, I'll shoot it right back at you." And what about some country radio programmers not taking him seriously in the beginning as he tore through the Idol competiion? 

 "A lot of people didn't know if they wanted to believe in me. When I saw that, I said, 'Now I've got to kick it.'"

Best of luck to Scotty as he finds out today the impact of his new album, Clear as Day.

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