Is the street on the north side of LaBonte Park named Shields or Shield Street? I ask because the street signs alternate between the singular and plural versions. The post office and the gas company have different naming for the same street, and I thought it might be good to clear that up.


"Want the long or short answer?

The long one is that the street in question has been the subject of many development plats dating back to before 1945 as it was extended from the railroad tracks east to 18th Street. Over the years, numerous plats have been recorded with either Shields or Shield, and in some cases where the "s" is crossed out on the actual recorded document. For example, the plats indicate Shield from 2nd to 7th Streets, Shields from 7th to 11th Streets, and Shields again between 13th and 18th Streets. It was first discussed a couple of decades ago what to do about it and the conclusion was to do nothing officially, but to use the name Shield as we believe it is the name of a person for whom the street was intended to be named after. For the purpose of consistency, around the time of the 911 automation we decided to apply the name Shield to the city street map and it has been used since although the street signs are still inconsistent as pointed out.

The short answer is Shield, until further notice.

The City's Street Division will ensure that all new signs will read "Shield" and in time, all signs will be replaced.

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