Here in Wyoming, we wear our pride on our sleeves...literally. Most of us have at least a few items of clothing that represent the Cowboy State.

Did you know, there are over 4,400 designs for Wyoming panties and underwear available online?

Some of the most interesting undergarments include the Wyoming license plate thong, Wyoming flag boxer shorts and "Someone in Wyoming Loves Me" panties.

There's also Wyoming Bump booty shorts, "Looking for a Cowboy" women's briefs and even a pair of thong underwear honoring Wyoming's official state animal, the Pronghorn. (shouldn't they call that product the "Thonghorn?)

In addition to thousands of Wyoming based designs, several of our regional attractions offer souvenier underwear, including the Devil's Tower thong, Wyoming Highway 59 underwear and even a pair that features a "Greetings from Casper, Wyoming" postcard.

There's no better way to show your supoort for law enforcement than by wearing the "Wyoming Highway Patrol Logo" classic thong. Who knows? They might even get you out of a speeding ticket.

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