When the city tears apart the street to do underground repairs, why do they wait to fill the area with asphalt/concrete? There are 3 areas I am speaking of directly: 15th and Lewis heading north, 15th and Gibbon heading south, and 10th and Lewis. Those dug up areas now have huge potholes in the dirt that, if an unsuspecting driver hits one, might cause damage. The three areas have all been like this for at least 2 months. Why wait so long to repair the road? I see that they have also torn up 4th and Curtis. I can see maybe a week but 2 to 3 months?


"The locations noted in the question are the result of work performed by franchise utilities or other entities. There are a few other locations around the community that will be repaired by the City as they are related to water utility work. Patching will occur as soon as asphalt is available. The City has been using millings to fill in cuts prior to final patching and that has held up much better and keeps a travelable surface far better than base material used in some other locations. The City has reminded the other responsible entities that attention needs to be given to these areas. If not completed soon, the City will correct the situation and invoice the responsible entity."

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