A new MSN study claims paramedics, police, and firefighters in Wyoming are among the lowest-paid first responders in the United States.

Wyoming ranked 30th for average annual salaries nationwide, with EMTs and paramedics in the state earning just over $34k, firefighters earning just over $43k, and police officers making just over $55k.

In Washington, where first-responders have the highest annual wages, EMTs and paramedics make over $66k, nearly double the average salary in Wyoming, while firefighters earn close to $74k and police officers average almost $78k. California, New Jersey, Hawaii, and New York rounded out the top five states for first-responder wages.

Colorado has the highest-paid first responders in the region, 9th nationwide, with paramedics pulling in over $42k annually, firefighters making $61k, and police earning over $72k.

The lowest-paid first responders are in Mississippi, where EMTs make just over $33k, firefighters earn just over $30k, and the average salary for a police officer is just under $36k. Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and West Virginia also ranked among the five worst states for first responder wages.



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