The world might seem like it’s ending from time to time, but do you ever take a minute to think what you would do if the worst really did come true? For a few people around the country, this is a very real part of their lives- Preparing for the end of the world, or at least the world as we know it. In fact, a political survivalist migration movement called “The American Redoubt” designates Wyoming as part of its safe zone and proposed migration.

First proposed in 2011 by best-selling survivalist novelist, James Wesley Rawles, the section of America that encapsulates Wyoming, Idaho, Western Montana, and Eastern Washington and Oregon, was chosen because of low population density and lack of natural hazards. This political migration is set in case of an economic collapse.

Rawles says: “The plain truth is that in a societal collapse there will be a veritable vacuum of law enforcement. In such times, with a few exceptions, it will only be the God-fearing that will continue to be law-abiding. Choose your neighborhood wisely." And it’s not just doomsday preppers who took this migration plan to heart. The American Redoubt concept was endorsed by Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party presidential candidate, who also took the message and ran with it by moving his entire extended family to Montana.

The American Redoubt movement aims to create a new society in these states should the time call for it, and Rawles has detailed instructions on his blog about how to get prepared for the Redoubt, and how to get settled once there. These instructions include finding doomsday prepper friendly churches. The ones listed on his blog for Wyoming include the Laramie Reformed Presbyterian Church in Laramie and Sovereign Grace Church in Casper, among others. “We’ll be like gun-toting Amish,” Rawles says of the society he hopes to create.

So, it’s safe to say in the event of an economic collapse, societal collapse, or other catastrophes, those of us already in the Cowboy State would likely be okay to survive. That is if the Yellowstone supervolcano doesn’t choose that moment to make everything worse for The American Redoubt.

What would your plans be if the world ended tomorrow?

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