Chely Wright

Chely Wright's Twin Boys Make Their Debut
Until now, Chely Wright and wife Lauren Blitzer had only shared photos of their new baby boys' feet and legs. Finally, George Samuel and Everett Joseph made their full debut on Instagram and in a campaign video for the New York City mayoral race.
Chely Wright’s Documentary Nominated for an Emmy
Chely Wright's documentary 'Wish Me Away,' which chronicles her very personal experience coming out as an openly lesbian woman, has not only garnered respect, it's also seen a lot of success. And it keeps on growing, as the film has just been nominated for one of the top honors i…
Chely Wright Responds to Prop 8 Decision
Chely Wright is one of many Americans celebrating a federal court’s ruling that the California state ban on same-sex marriage, Prop 8 — also known as Proposition 8 — is unconstitutional. “I am a gay American and it’s my Constitution too. #NOH8,&Close…