Cheyenne History

A Wyoming Tribute to Actor Powers Boothe
Television and movie fans were shocked to hear about the passing of actor Powers Boothe this weekend. Booth was well-known for several iconic roles, including one fictional character with a "real-life" Wyoming connection.
For three seasons, from 2004 through 2006, Boothe p…
134 Years Ago Today: Wyoming’s First Electric Lights
Today marks an interesting anniversary in Wyoming history. 134 years ago, on January 5, 1883, Cheyenne became the first town in the west to install electric lights.
Wyoming's facination with electricity began five years earlier when Thomas Edison and a group of scientists conducted an experiment…
Travel Back in Time on the Wyoming ‘Treagle Train’
This weekend, thousands of Wyoming football fans will follow the 'Cowboy Caravan' on Interstate 80 from Cheyenne to the Mountain West Conference Championship in Laramie.
Unfortunately, most of them will never experience a proud Pokes tradition called the "Treagle Train"...
The Legendary Story of Barney Ford
Barney Launcelot Ford was born into slavery in the 1820s. From his humble roots on a Viriginia farm, the illegitmate son of a white plantation owner and black woman eventually became one of the wealthiest men in the west and a prominent pioneer for civil rights...
July 4, 1869: The Biggest Boxing Match in Wyoming History
In Wyoming's early days, boxing was the most popular spectator sport.
The biggest boxing match to ever take place in the Cowboy State became famous, not because of the fight, but due to the legendary alliance it helped create.
On July 4,1869, Wyatt Earp arrived at the Cheyenne Depot to take bets on a …
Wyatt in Wyo
On July 4, 1869, a boxing match in Cheyenne would later lead to one of the most legendary alliances in American history.