Home Run Derby Champ Pete Alonso’s Connection to Wyoming
Last night (July 12th) was Major League Baseball's Home Run Derby at Coors Field and it was an amazing show on all accounts! But the most impressive display was put on by the Home Run Derby Champion, Pete Alonso. If you happened to watching the event last night, you may have noticed a fact that ties Alonso to Wyoming.
Kenny Chesney Coming To Denver In 2022
Kenny Chesney is the latest country music star to officially announce his return to the road after a pandemic filled year, which forced him to cancel his 2020 and 2021 shows.
We Won’t Get Credit, but Cheyenne is a Great City for Hockey Fans
The Stanley Cup Playoffs are down to the their own final four. The Eastern Conference Finals and Western Conference Finals are taking place this week in the NHL and as that is taking place, there has also been a list released of the best cities for hockey fans. Just because southeast Wyoming doesn't have a professional or college hockey team, don't think we shouldn't have a place on that list.

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