Pilot Hill Meeting
The Laramie Community gathered in the Lincoln Community Center Thursday night to discuss the Pilot Hill Land Purchase.
WyoTech Operation Footnote
A footnote in House Bill No. 1, which was delivered to Gov. Matt Mead Wednesday, includes language that would allow a private or public entity to assume WyoTech operations.
ASUW Funding Policy Update
The Associated Students of the University of Wyoming passed a bill during their meeting Tuesday night that updates the policies that dictated the suspension of Turning Point USA’s UW chapter, along with a number of other RSO’s.
Community Partners Funding
The Laramie City Council will be discussing how to maintain funding for the community partners program during their work session Tuesday night, in the midst of a tightening city budget.
Economic Development
Summerville said while the city council usually holds a meeting every year regarding economic development, this year is particularly important because of the significant change in the city’s funding.
K-12 Funding Proposal Released
The Subcommittee says Wyoming is faced with a budget phenomenon known as a “double-whammy,”- mineral prices and production are in decline, but the State is still required to provide the same level of education goods and services previously maintained by the energy economy.

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