How Much it Costs to Make a Margarita in Wyoming
Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! It's time to celebrate with a nice margarita...or a few. Unfortunately, with public places that serve that drink being closed, you may need to take action yourself by mixing your own margarita.
Tasty Summer Cocktails: 5 Refreshing Recipes
When it comes to summer essentials, a refreshing cocktail is right up there with a sweet pair of board shorts and a nice big bottle of SPF 55. All the air conditioners in the world can't cool you down like an icy mixed drink, so if you're looking for a few to choose from, look no further t…
The Best Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo
Though many argue about who actually invented the margarita, the drink first appeared on Mexican bar menus in  the '30s and '40s. Prepare for your own Cinco de Mayo party by making a batch of the tasty libation: we've concocted a list of the best margarita recipes to he…