The Kingston Trio is Coming to Cheyenne on October 3rd
The timeless music of The Kingston Trio is making its way to the Cheyenne Civic Center on Sunday, October 3rd. The iconic folk group brings their 'Keep the Music Playing' tour to the capital city to play some of their most loved classics.
Wyoming Bands Launch Tour
The annual WYOmericana Caravan Tour is a rolling representation of the square state’s burgeoning music scene, featuring three acts and ad-libbed collaborations
Virtual Tour of the New Laramie High School [VIDEO]
Each day brings the new Laramie High School closer to completion. Owner's representative Roger Strube says the construction process is approximately 80 percent complete and the project is on-budget. "Normally in this type of job, which is around $87 million, you anticipate two to three percent in changes that cost the owner money," says Strube...
Tour of the 5th Annual Art and Music Thing [VIDEO]
Over 30 local bands were just part of the wide variety of local artists featured at the fifth annual Art and Music Thing. The Laramie Plains Civic Center was packed from noon to midnight Saturday with artists and attendees alike.  Arcade games were provided by Hero Depot...
Tour of a Pediatric Safe Unit [VIDEO]
Laramie EMS Division Chief Mike Hotchkiss and Firefighter Aaron Thompson demonstrate the new pediatric safety features of one of Laramie's ambulances.  Five Laramie ambulances recently received the designation "Pediatric Safe Unit" as part of a The Wyoming Responders Safe Transport Initiative (WYRESTRAIN)...