WY Has the Biggest Population of Essential Workers in the U.S.
As soon as the Covid-19 crisis hit the U.S., many businesses were brought to a staggering halt. Many were forced to work from home while those deemed 'non-essential' had many of their positions eliminated. However, in terms of essential workers, it seems that Wyoming has more than any othe…
How Much it Costs to Make a Margarita in Wyoming
Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! It's time to celebrate with a nice margarita...or a few. Unfortunately, with public places that serve that drink being closed, you may need to take action yourself by mixing your own margarita.
Wyoming Ranks As One of the Best States for Nurses
We'll never be able to show nearly enough appreciation that's deserved for our nurses, or anyone in the medical field for that matter, not only for everything during this ongoing pandemic, but for everything in general. As it turns out, Wyoming happens to be one of the best overall states …

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