Taylor Swift was a woman on everyone's mind leading up to the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in Sin City. She lead the nominations for with at total of 14, and she got to debut her intense music video for "Bad Blood."

As with all of her videos, "Bad Blood" was hotly talked about, but Swift pumped up excitement more than ever for this one. She began promoting it on her social media sites with movie poster-like ads weeks in advance, introducing everyone to her star-studded cast. First was Catastrophe, who throughout the video is Swift's butt-kicking counterpart, riding motorcycles, wearing a red wig and taking names.

Naturally, Swift can't fight crime without a tight leather mini skirt, and she pairs it with a skin-colored corset with see-through straps in the "Bad Blood" clip. It's obvious she's been visiting the gym — the muscles in her back are evident while she's packing the punches and doing an impressive backflip.

The song in the video may have sounded a little different to the fans who are familiar with the 1989 track, as it includes a rap breakout. Swift asked that rapper Kendrick Lamar join her for the "Bad Blood" video, in addition to Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Lily Aldridge, Ellie Goulding and many others. To say it's star-packed is an understatement.

After premiering "Bad Blood" at the Billboard Music Awards, Swift took the stage to thank fans and say how amazing it was to showcase it during the red carpet event. She then got the big honor of introducing "mighty rock band" Van Halen for their performance.

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