Taylor Swift would not make a great bartender, and she's not the best waitress, either, it turns out — but she sure is charming!

The megastar has aligned with Capital One for a multi-year partnership, starting with a 30-second commercial that shows her completely out of her element, but in good spirits.

Swift maintains her superstar status as she transforms into a  bumbling diner waitress and bartender. The commercial opens with her hit song "Me" playing in the background as Swift — dressed in a baby-pink waitress uniform and white visor — walks up to a couple sitting at the counter, flashing them a sweet smile as she slips them the bill.

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Later that night, she steps into bartending wear, but it turns out she's a bit clumsy at the gig. As she mixes a beverage and the cocktail shaker comes loose, Swift accidentally sprays the alcohol everywhere, flashing an adorably apologetic look toward the couple standing at the bar who witnessed it all as she spilled their drink.

Back at the diner, Swift is serving up sundaes to two young girls but misjudges the amount of whipped cream, leaving a giant mountain to fall off the glass and onto the counter. The girls don't mind though, as one friend whispers to the other in disbelief: "that's Taylor Swift!" The superstar winks as she walks away, funneling whipped cream into her mouth directly from the can.

The commercial is a promotional tactic for Capital One's Savor card that offers 4 percent cash back on food and entertainment purchases and gives card holders access to an exclusive bundle that includes a copy of Swift's upcoming album Lover and a T-shirt.

"We are beyond thrilled to begin this partnership, as we know our customers are passionate about unforgettable entertainment experiences like those Taylor Swift consistently creates for her fans," Marc Mentry, chief brand officer at Capital One, says in a press release. "Capital One is always looking for ways to give our customers the best, most exclusive access and this partnership with Taylor Swift will allow us to do that."

Lover is set for release on Aug. 23.

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