Taylor Swift has started a countdown leading up to the release of her much-anticipated new album, ‘Red,’ which lands on Oct. 22. That’s only 10 days away! Don’t all scream at once. But Swift’s countdown is not typical. Rather than a boring digital clock ticking down the hours, minutes and seconds til the big day on her website, it involves a black marker and her flesh, which is her M.O.

No, the ‘Begin Again‘ singer didn’t get a tattoo. She merely scrawled the numbers 1 through 10 on her fingers, below her knuckles, turning her hands into a living countdown clock. She also scribbled a “10″ on her left hand and a “Days!” on her right. You may remember that on her Speak Now global tour, Swift wrote lyrics on her arms in magic marker at every show, so she is continuing the trend of communicating via her skin.

Swift shared the fun image on her social media pages on Friday, and something tells us that her scores of dedicated fans will launch their own hand countdowns to mark the occasion right alongside their heroine!

It’s not lost on us that her hands are displayed against a scarlet background, either. We are simply surprised that she didn’t use red nail polish to further the point. She’s all about the color red in 2012.

This is a cute way to count down the days until ‘Red’ finally arrives in all its crimson glory.

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