After hearing a snippet of Taylor Swift's 'Sweeter Than Fiction,' it's impossible to stay satisfied with just a brief clip. Now, fans can hear the catchy and irresistible song in full. 

The tune, which Swift penned with fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, was written for the end credits of the film 'One Chance,' and it sounds like it's the perfect way to close out an inspiring, uplifting, love-filled movie.

'Sweeter Than Fiction' is decidedly Swift's style lyrically, with its honest and open lyrics. She sings: “Seen you lost in a crowd, seen you colors fade / Wish I could make it better / Someday you won't remember / This pain you thought would last forever and ever.

Then, like with many of her songs, the track takes a turn for the upbeat. "There you stand, ten feet tall / I will say, 'I knew it all along' / Your eyes are wider than distance / This life is sweeter than fiction," she belts out.

Swift's newest track has a catchy beat -- reminiscent of the '80s -- and it will make fans want to root for love, as well as the film's inspirational ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ winner Paul Potts. She was inspired by Potts' love story -- and now, after hearing 'Sweeter Than Fiction,' we admit, so are we.

Listen to Taylor Swift, 'Sweet Than Fiction'

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