July is National Ice Cream Month and not only that, but today, July 8th, is National Ice Cream Sundae Day (the first of two). But especially during the summer, there is certainly no wrong time for a the cold treat whether it is in the form of a cone, cup, milkshake, sundae, Blizzard, McFlurry, Frosty, or however you want it. So where can you try Wyoming's best ice cream parlor? It's a lot closer than you might think.

The publication 'Best Things Wyoming' has picked what their '8 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Wyoming' are and topping the list is a spot that residents of Laramie know very well. Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop in Laramie takes the top spot on the list. Here's what 'Best Things Wyoming' had to say about the picking the ice cream joint in Laramie for the top spot:

Big Dipper’s website proudly states, “We take your ice cream cravings seriously.” And boy, does that ring true! Everything at Big Dipper is made in-house, which includes ice cream, gelato, and sorbetto. The ice cream flavor list will make your mouth water just reading it, featuring flavors like blueberry cobbler, chocolate macaroon, cookie dough, espresso chip, pistachio, red velvet cake and maple with toasted walnut!

They were right, just reading that list of flavors makes me want to make a trip their as soon as possible. They also post their ice cream flavor menu on their Facebook page from time to time to keep its clientele posted. Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop is definitely on my list of places to go (more than a few times) this summer. You can find Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop at 111 E. Ivinson Ave in Laramie.

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Southeast Wyoming had another spot show up on the list at the #4 spot and that is Cold Stone Creamery in Cheyenne at 2316 Dell Range Blvd. The franchise is certainly a spot that deserves a stop anytime you get a craving for some of their flavors, whether it may be Birthday Cake Remix, Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, or something else.

Regardless of where you go for a cold treat, you have some spots throughout southeast Wyoming to try during National Ice Cream Month or anytime of the year for that matter. Enjoy!

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