Devils Tower National Monument is one of Wyoming's most recognized landmarks, but it's not the only 'devlish' destination in the Cowboy State.

Here's five other places with demonic designations.

The Devil's Backbone - Named after a ridge of jagged rocks in Natrona County, Devil's Backbone was once considered the best place for frontier settlers to make it through the narrow trail by wagon.

Devil's Den - Also known as the "Devil's Hoof", it's named for a 150-foot waterfall on Tower Creek in Park County. The steep canyon flows for 10 miles through the cliffs of Column Mountains.

Devil's Gap - Named for a ridge along the old Oregon Trail. The treacherous terrain would often take early settlers weeks to navigate.

Devil's Gate - Another landmark on the Oregon and Mormon trails, Devil's Gate was a rock formation formed by the Sweetwater River. The Mormon trail was eventually rerouted through Carbon County in order to avoid it.

Devil's Playground - This remote area of badlands in Sweetwater County lies near the Black Mountain and Twin Buttes wilderness. Located on public land, it is primarily used by hunters and off-road recreational vehicles.


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